Easy-to-use methodology that ensures impactful culture transformation in no time

I’m usually overly differentiated. In this article I deviate from this habit because the goal is nothing less than the change of how culture transformation has been done so far. I have to disenchant a myth that is passed around in practice as if it were law. No, culture transformation does not take long. We’re just doing it wrong. Culture transformation is a complex problem and we treat it as if it were the construction of a complicated machine. No wonder we analyse ourselves to death. Things are getting really ironic at the moment because more and more agile culture projects are now being tackled with classical project methods.

I have been fortunate enough to work intensively on culture transformation both in research and practice over the last few years. From this I was able to learn that culture transformation was always successful when agile methodologies were used. Based on my experience, I have therefore developed a methodology that ensures successful culture transformation for every purpose. Success means thereby, that within a short time an impact can be observed in the collective patterns of behaviour and perception (culture) (see Krapf 2016, Krapf 2017a, Krapf 2017b for more theoretical background on cultural development).



agile culture transformation 1.png


Methodology in more detail

agile culture transformation.png


Krapf, J. (2016). Was ist Lernkultur und warum? https://​joel-krapf.com​/​2016/​10/​09/​was-ist-lernkultur-und-warum/​.

Krapf, J. (2017a). A procedural model for developing learning culture in practice. https://joel-krapf.com/2017/11/18/a-procedural-model-for-developing-learning-cultures-in-practice/

Krapf, J. (2017b). Putting learning culture development into practice to increase agility https://joel-krapf.com/2017/11/18/putting-learning-culture-development-into-practice-to-increase-agility/



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