This is how significant transformation in and of organisations succeed

Agile’s approach has long since reached organizational transformation. Specialists and consultants are increasingly trying to incorporate agile principles and methods into transformation projects. I too have already presented such approaches, for example in cultural development (Krapf, 2018).

Organizational transformation in the area of tension between agile and small-time thinking

However, there is a great risk that transformation projects are too small if agile tools are used thoughtless. So MVP, Hacks or Pilots are viable approaches in organisational development. But to ensure that such efforts do not become a flash in the pan, a coherent, large-scale approach is needed. The three-step below shows how agile instruments of organisational development (e.g. MVP, Hacks or pilots) as well as general agile principles (iterative approach, sequential added value, absolute result-orientation etc.) can be used in transformations, so that also „big changes“ can be tackled.

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