Agile organizations don’t need workforce planning

I was recently invited by the ZHAW to present my work on the topic of skill change through digital transformation (presentation documents). One of the topics discussed in the ensuing discussion was strategic workforce planning. The question that preoccupied the participants was: What does "modern" workforce planning look like in a digital world? The discussion … Weiterlesen Agile organizations don’t need workforce planning

What is digital transformation

What is digital transformation? This short presentation below is intended to help all those who have not been occupied with digital transformation intensively. First of all, the keyword "Industry 4.0" is introduced, which for many people is synonymous with digital transformation. Afterwards, a emerging technology is presented on each slide in a few sentences and … Weiterlesen What is digital transformation

Blockchain simply explained – for all those who still can’t quite understand it.

Blockchain is currently on everyone's lips. And if you are as concerned as I am, the large number of articles on this subject does not help you to really understand how this technology actually works. I needed a very pictorial explanation from a colleague to understand the principle. I would now like to pass on … Weiterlesen Blockchain simply explained – for all those who still can’t quite understand it.

Enabling a culture of innovation

Innovation is a prerequisite for entrepreneurial success. There is therefore hardly any company that does not want to be innovative. In practice, however, there are few organisations that can claim to cultivate a collective innovation culture. Such a culture would be the basis for sustainable innovation that is not dependent on individual visionaries or lucky … Weiterlesen Enabling a culture of innovation

How lessons learned can be shared effectively and efficiently

How to share lessons learned in organizations and teams efficiently and effectively? A question on which entire libraries are filled. A question which, in the terms of "knowledge management", justifies an entire research and practice strand. Not surprisingly, many interesting things have been written for this purpose. But in the same way, literature also contains … Weiterlesen How lessons learned can be shared effectively and efficiently

Organizational culture for dynamic stability

This famous quote by Philip Rosenthal is symptomatic of the Western self-conception: change is progression, stagnation is regression. In terms of the economy, this would probably mean that only those companies that continue to develop can survive. If one consistently follows this logic, then the executive management of an organization must constantly change the system … Weiterlesen Organizational culture for dynamic stability

Approaches for developing learning culture

Last year, as part of the introductory course on education management at the University of St. Gallen, I was invited to give a guest lecture on the topic of "learning culture development". After an introduction to what learning culture is and why we should deal with it (cf. also my other blog post on this … Weiterlesen Approaches for developing learning culture