This is how change management succeeds

Digital transformation does not stop at any company and so it is not surprising that there are change projects virtually everywhere. Thereby, it is important to distinguish between cultural development projects and classical change projects.

The difference between cultural transformation and change management

Many studies name culture as the success factor in the digital transformation. Management guru Peter Drucker already said „Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast“. Cultural development is therefore primarily about adapting social collaboration in an organizational system in such a way that the organization becomes more successful in the long term. This is about changing the routines, basic assumptions, practices or habits of a social group. This is a highly complex task that does not have a final state. For this reason, an agile and iterative process, which I have already listed here in detail, has proven itself for cultural developments.

Change management, on the other hand, is the accompaniment of a change project that does not (only) concern joint cooperation. This can be a restructuring, the development of new business models or the introduction of new IT infrastructures. Almost every project that depends on employees changing from a known state A to a known state B requires an accompanying change management.

The two biggest differences between change management and cultural development are therefore:

  1. Change management accompanies and supports a „technical“ change in the system, while cultural development wants to change the cooperation in the system per se.
  2. Change Management has a clearer initial and final state than cultural development

This is how change management succeeds in a transformation project

The principle of change management is the inclusion of employees. Those who can decide for themselves where the journey will take them are more likely to come along on the journey. It’s like being at the family table when the destination of the next summer holidays is being discussed.

In addition to this principle, there are various other elements that need to be planned from a project management point of view. These should be briefly mentioned in the graphics below.

A) Process Level: The 8 Steps of Change Management


B) Project Level: The 6 Dimensions in Change Management


C) Methods and tools for filling the Change Dimensions with life


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