Culture Hacks: The „Butterfly Effect“ for Organizational Transformation

„If they would do it differently up there, everything would be much better“.

How many times have you heard this sentence when it was about organizational transformations or „ordinary“ cultural development?

Organizational culture means simply defined „how we do things around here“. It includes the collective behaviour and the collective assumptions of a group. Consequently, it does not really need „the ones up there“ to develop culture in an organization. Nevertheless, it helps scaling enormously if the desired behaviour is exemplified and promoted top down.

„Culture Hacks“ are against this background small behavioural changes of persons or groups with scaling potential. An effective „culture hack“ is a change in behaviour that is as small as possible and easy to implement, with a major impact on collective behaviour. For this reason, „culture hacks“ can also be understood as a „butterfly effect“ for organizational transformations.

The graphic below shows how such „culture hacks“ can be implemented.

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