How fit are you for the digital world? Take the Digital Fitness Check

In my research on digital skill, I learned about many competency models. When I later was asked to set up a digital skills programme, I had to translate all this theory into practice. Thereby, a first starting point was the division of „digital skills“ into different levels (Krapf, 2017; Krapf 2018a; Krapf 2018b).

This division made it clear that „digital skills“ do not only include the handling of digital tools, but also general future competences as well as competences relevant to strategy and function. The distinction between these three levels (digital tools, digital world, function-specific competencies) helped in the subsequent development of „digital skills“. This basic subdivision was then adopted by other companies.

How fit are you for the digital world? 

Subsequently, I was more and more asked by companies and schools what the essential skills are in order to be fit in a digital world. To get to the heart of my experience, I have developed a compass for the digital world (Krapf 2018c).

Since this compass is now used by several companies as an orientation, I have developed a short „Digital Fitness Check“ (DFC) for practical use. This can be used to reflect in the organization or in the team whether the employees are fit for the digital world. For the DFC, the „Compass“ is not the only basis. Rather, the working environment and IT infrastructure are also considered, as they play a decisive role in determining whether employees are „digitally fit“.

--> Please find the DFC-results here


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