How digital skills can be developed holistically in organizations

I have already published several articles on digital skills development in this blog. And with each article I want to share new experiences that I have gained either in practice or through research. In this article I would like to bring my 3-level model (cf. Krapf, 2017) of digital competences into an overall context, so that practitioners can gain inspiration for their own implementation in their companies.

Digital development program.png

In order for the development approaches in the three levels to be effective across the board, it is imperative that they are linked to the company-specific vision and strategy. On the one hand, because these determine the target skills. On the other hand, because these are an elementary lever to receive the necessary support from the leadership.


EU DigCom Framework 2.1. (2017): DigComp 2.1: The Digital Competence Framework for Citizens with eight proficiency levels and examples of use

Krapf (2018): Digital Fitness – Which Mindsets and competencies lead to success in a digital world?

Krapf (2018): What is digital Transformation?

Krapf (2017): Development of digitale competences – three practical approaches

Krapf (2017): Which „digital“ competences do we need in the future? A case study with generic value


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