Digital Competencies – An Action Plan for Skill Change

In past articles I have already referred to a reference framework for the development of „digital“ competences. The „digital“ competences were divided into three different levels:

  • Operative level: Competences that are directly required for dealing with „digital“ media (i. e. tools or products).
  • Strategic level: competencies that are fundamental to an organization and its achievement of the digitization strategy.
  • Normative level: Competencies that become important in a „digital world“ (this is meant to be a (future) era in which technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, big data analytics, etc. will fully penetrate and change the working world or the working activities of people (radical).

In this concise article, I would like to illustrate which measures can contribute to these levels of action (see Figure 1).

Referenzrahmen english.pngFigure 1: Action plan for the development of „digital“ competences (own illustration)

These measures are now very numerous and, in my opinion, it would be ineffective to want to tackle everything at the same time. Rather, work packages must be approached sequentially and iteratively, as is common in agile project methods. The action plan (cf. Figure 1) can thus be understood as a product backlog in which the measures are classified according to priority and processed in interdisciplinary groups. This ensures that not too much time is wasted before something is implemented and effective.

The prioritisation and variation of the individual measures is highly context-sensitive, which is why joint development with the target group can make sense. Irrespective of the context, however, the two central measures appear to be needs-oriented didactic support and the supporting of “digital” change initiative. This is because many line organizations are already aware of the extent to which development needs exist, irrespective of human resources. These requirements must therefore be met before additional measures are planned. Nevertheless, it seems important to me that the normative level is not neglected either. Even if the measures at this level do not directly contribute to productivity, they can still be a basis for the long-term survival of an organization in a „digital world“.


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