5 elementary strategies for personal digital transformation

The digital transformation is slowly arriving in the large Swiss corporations. In the last 5 years, the cost savings and transformation programs in Switzerland have increased noticeably. While the Swiss banks have been stuck in restructuring since the financial crisis a good 10 years ago, the transformation efforts in former Swiss corporate pearls have only just really begun – you can see how SBB, Swisscom, Swiss Post, Mobiliar and Migros want to make themselves fit for the future with increasing seriousness.

But it’s not just organisations that need to get fit for the future. As employees, we are also called upon to reinvent ourselves. We must not wait for our employer to provide us with an all-round carefree package for personal development. At the end of the day, we alone are responsible for ensuring that in the coming years we still have the skills that are in demand in a digital world.

Or figuratively speaking: we are on the verge of a marathon. We have to complete this independently. Our employer can support us with good footwear, route signs and refreshment stations. But it is only up to us and our will whether we succeed in this personal transformation.

In the chart below, I show, based on Seufert et al. (2018), which strategies can be promising and how we can proceed to successfully implement these strategies.

The VUCA world is just around the corner and would like to take part in a marathon with us. Who is ready for it?

Strategien für digitale transformation_en.png

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