13 measures to ensure that the development of digital skills succeeds

Some time ago, I posted the Digital Fitness Check on the Internet to ask my extended network how fit it feels in relevant digital competencies. Thanks to SurveyMonkey, the latest results are always available here.

An interim evaluation of the DFC at the stand of about 100 respondents leads to the following theses:

  • The main obstacle for the development of digital competences lies in the availability of and the own engagement with digital tools.
  • Trust (instead of control) and speed (instead of perfection) are the least common mindsets.

Of course, these results are not scientifically reliable. Nevertheless, they are plausible at first glance, as I perceive similar obstacles in my daily work.

In this article, I would like to make suggestions on how „digital literacy“ in companies can be improved against this background. In later articles, I will discuss the development of mindsets in more detail.

Obstacle and measures

digitale entwicklung_en.png

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