This is how you stay focused to become successful

Some time ago I was having dinner with a colleague from my student days. Normally, we use such regular appointments to make our own fancy pizza (actually he does some magic in the kitchen while I’m sipping on my beer). On this late summer day, we were at a restaurant, having a pizza that tasted only half as good as when makes them. Afterwards, we went for a walk somewhere in Zurich where I wouldn’t find the way home without him. In a park with an ice cream in front of us, we were talking about one of my favorite topics: Planning. Career planning, life planning. Planning in general.

„That’s how I do it, and it not only makes me successful, it makes me happy as well“

I have been a strong proponent of agile planning for quite some time and I use OKR for myself and my team out of conviction. Hence, I was amazed by something he uses to stay focused. Since I cannot explain his tool as good as he can, I just refer to his Blog and his LinkedIn-Page

Monthly letter to myself: This is how Tobias Ochsenbein stays focussed

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