Enabling a culture of innovation

Innovation is a prerequisite for entrepreneurial success. There is therefore hardly any company that does not want to be innovative. In practice, however, there are few organisations that can claim to cultivate a collective innovation culture. Such a culture would be the basis for sustainable innovation that is not dependent on individual visionaries or lucky … Weiterlesen Enabling a culture of innovation

Organizational culture for dynamic stability

This famous quote by Philip Rosenthal is symptomatic of the Western self-conception: change is progression, stagnation is regression. In terms of the economy, this would probably mean that only those companies that continue to develop can survive. If one consistently follows this logic, then the executive management of an organization must constantly change the system … Weiterlesen Organizational culture for dynamic stability

Agile organizational structure – a framework for context-specific design

Against the background of the increasing dynamics of change resulting from digital transformation, agility receives a high degree of attention. Agility is thereby understood as the ability to respond to changes effectively and efficiently (Häusling und Fischer 2016, p. 30; Zobel 2005, p. 160). However, depending on the discipline, a slightly different focus is chosen. … Weiterlesen Agile organizational structure – a framework for context-specific design

In the three-step to innovation

Competition is intensifying, margins are eroding and innovative start-ups are pushing the sluggish giants. Well-known companies such as Kodak, Nokia or Blackberry have not only lost much of their former nimbus of the innovative pioneer and dominant market leader, they are now fighting for survival. If the literature is to be believed, there seems to … Weiterlesen In the three-step to innovation