Easy-to-use tool to improve agile leadership skills

Agile leadership is the basic skill for modern leaders

„Agile Leadership“ means behaviour of leaders or informal leaders that promotes the agility of organisations. As explained in another articles, agile leadership ensures the success of organisations in a VUCA world. Agile Leader are catalysts for an agile organisation by acting as coach, gardener and discoverer (Agile leadership simply explained).

Development of Agile Leadership succeeds only through practice, practice, practice

Agile leadership, however, is very easy to explain and much more difficult to develop. The development of such leadership skills needs a lot of practice and roots in many failures, frustrations and uncertainties. A practical exercise supports this hard way, as „Moment that Matter“ can be practiced over and over again in a save environment. Yes, this drill-like training sounds military and old-fashioned. But when it comes to hands-on skills, there’s no getting around the fact that you always have to bring yourself back into the situation in which you want to grow. Even professionals like Roger Federer still train the same basic movements every day so that they are prepared when it counts

How you can train agile leadership simply and effectively

The practical exercise was written by David Marquet and is based on his framework for „Ladder of Leadership„. In his model, Marquet succinctly shows which maturity levels a manager must reach in leadership behaviour in order to become an „agile leader“. By using his model, „Moment that Matter“ can be simulated and reflected upon.

The diagram below explains the course of the exercise

You finde the material and templates on the Internet.

Exkurs: Not only managers, but also employees have to increase their maturity level in order for agile leadership to work

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