You can change your organization with this little tool

In order for digital transformation to succeed, organizations require employees not only to do something different overnight. Rather, employees are increasingly being called upon to take responsibility for shaping the future of the organization. For many, this is new, as a rather Taylorist culture has prevailed up to now, in which employees had to function as quasi robots on order. The top management is gradually realising that this form of cooperation in a VUCA world is no longer adequate to create a highly efficient organisation. So employees are given more room to act and more responsibility. But not everyone can cope with this unfamiliar situation.

Frequently and rightly said: „As long as ‚up there‘ X and Y are not changed, I can’t work as required.“

In this new world of work we are confronted with new requirements and increased expectations. We all have to work together on the system, although the system is not yet 100% ready to allow this. This is a paradoxical situation in which employees rightly say: „As long as ‚up there‘ X and Y are not changed, I cannot work as required“.

How we can change our organization with one small tool

This reaction is understandable, but it does not help us. There will always be something that deviates from the ideal state. We will never find a perfect world where everything is free of contradiction. So that we are efficient and can focus on the essentials, the model illustrated above helps as orientation. It helps us to focus on the things that I can change myself. This is where I should use most of my energy. Then it is important to distinguish where I can influence something and where I have to accept the situation as a given. Where I can influence something, I can try to enlarge the area in which I can change things through skilful argumentation.

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